Customize Featured Image sizes with a child theme

Sometimes the Featured Image size in an area of your theme doesn’t quite fit the style of your image. Maybe your image is being cropped funny, maybe you want to have shorter images, or maybe you want to remove the crop all together and let your images go commando. Luckily, you can override the Featured Image crops defined in your theme and come up with something that works better for your needs. To do this properly, you’ll need a child theme and a small code snippet. Let’s get started!

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Create a beautiful resume with WordPress and Atomic

Our latest WordPress theme, Atomic, is perfect for a business or portfolio site, but the homepage layout is really versatile and can be used to create all kinds of sites. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you how to whip together a beautiful resume site to showcase your skill set to potential clients and employers. Check out our resume demo to see what we’ll be building in this tutorial.


Getting Started

When you first activate Atomic, it will be presented as a blog with your latest posts. This is the default function of a WordPress theme, but we’ll want to use the Homepage template to show various pages on the homepage instead of blog posts.

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Beautiful publishing and eCommerce with Lenscap

Howdy folks! Today we’re thrilled to announce our latest and greatest WordPress theme, Lenscap. Lenscap follows in the footsteps of our popular Paperback and Baseline magazine themes, with some additional features that you can’t find in any other WordPress theme.

Lenscap makes it super easy to create a stunning WordPress-powered magazine and online store with slick content discovery features, gallery and video post styles, smart customization options and WooCommerce support. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the features that make Lenscap shine.

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Baseline by the numbers

Last year I added Wakatime to my workflow to start tracking the time I spent in my code editor, Sublime Text. If you haven’t heard of Wakatime, which you likely haven’t because you probably aren’t a huge data nerd like myself, basically it tracks what you’re doing in your code editor. It tracks the amount of time spend in each file, the amount of time you spend on each project, when you’re working, when you aren’t, etc. This can be helpful for a lot of different reasons.

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Array Redesign Survey Results

Earlier this year we ran a brief survey to collect feedback from our customers to help guide the recent redesign. I was blown away with the detailed responses we received, which really helped shape the direction of the new site and the new products we have already begun working on. We ran the survey for one week and collected 200 responses.

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The plugins that power Array

A while back I wrote a post detailing some of the plugins and tools we use here at Array to run the site. The post generated a lot of interest and I still get questions about it to this day. So I thought it would be nice to do another one of those and talk about some of the new plugins we’ve found along the way.

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Welcome to Array 3.0!

Howdy folks, and welcome to our new site! We’re super excited to finally roll out this new design, an improved user experience, and some other great features that we’ve been working on for you.

A few months ago, we noticed our site was getting a little dusty and desperately needed a new coat of paint. Although it was working just fine, it wasn’t really representative of how we’ve grown over the past two years. It’s crucial to reevaluate your site regularly to make sure it still represents the products and service you’re providing and fulfilling the needs of your customers. And that’s just what we did with Array 3.0.

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Array 3.0 is on its way!

We’ve been hard at work the past couple months giving the Array site a fresh coat of paint and gearing up for some pretty exciting changes. Although the redesign had started months ago, it wasn’t until we ran our Array Redesign survey that everything started to fall into place. Getting feedback directly from our customers helped us shape the new site and the direction for the years to come.

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Customize Infinite Scroll with a child theme

Many of our themes include support for Infinite Scroll via the Jetpack plugin. Infinite Scroll enables your visitors to load more posts without having to leave the page.

There are actually several Infinite Scroll style scripts out there. The reason we use the one bundled with Jetpack is because it’s tailored for use with themes, and is generally pretty easy to setup and customize. In many of our themes, you’ll find a jetpack.php file which defines the settings for how various Jetpack features, such as Infinite Scroll, work in that theme. Here is an example of the Infinite Scroll function.

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