Publisher Now Available For

Array recently joined the theme marketplace with Publisher, a masonry-style, infinite-loading, responsive WordPress theme. Publisher has received a very warm welcome and already¬†over 100 sites are powered by Publisher! And now we’re happy to make Publisher available to self-hosted sites.

Head over to Publisher’s theme page to find out more and purchase. Here’s a quick rundown of a few of Publisher’s features.

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Array Joins

We are ecstatic to announce that Array has joined the premium theme marketplace! This is a huge step towards providing our awesome themes to even more users, starting with WordPress’s hosted blogging platform,

It was a very rewarding and enlightening experience working with Philip Arthur Moore over the last few months. There’s a ton of work that goes into the themes submitted to Every theme has to be meticulously tested and reviewed many times, resulting in a robust, bulletproof theme fit for an audience as large as

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Introducing Typable WordPress Theme

I’m happy to announce the release of my latest WordPress theme, Typable! Typable started out as an attempt to create a simple personal blog for myself. I knew I wanted large, clean titles, a sans-serif body text, one vibrant accent color, and a snappy app-like feel for navigation. Mostly I just wanted a reason to use Lato. It has such a clean uppercase style (see titles).

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Theme Retirement

As we continue to refine our theme collection, add new themes, and improve popular themes, naturally some themes get less attention and fall of the wagon. Despite their lack of attention, these are still great themes and they should be available for your consumption.

We’ve recently retired a few themes, and would like to offer them up for free to you! Typo, Dispatch, CoPilot, Scribe, Structure, Element, Mission Control, Spectra, and Paradigm are now available for free on the Themes & Plugins page.

Please note that free themes will not receive updates or support. They are provided as is for you to hack, break, fix, use, smell, etc. Use them responsibly.

Update: this post is from 2013, and we no longer have these themes available for download since we transitioned to our new brand, Array.

A Few Updates to the Ecosystem

So here’s the thing: I sell WordPress themes on Array. I sell WordPress themes on ThemeForest. In order to make these two outlets more cohesive, I’ve recently made a few updates to the site. You’ll notice the Themes page now has 11 more themes! Holy wow!

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Introducing Okay Themes

Hello, stranger! My name is Mike McAlister and this is my new adventure, Array.

For the past two years, I’ve kept busy developing WordPress themes full-time. Until now, my themes have been available exclusively at ThemeForest. Stumbling upon ThemeForest in early 2008 was one of the luckiest things to happen to me, as it opened up my eyes to passive income in the form of HTML templates and WordPress themes.

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