A head start on child themes

When you run your own website, there’s a good chance you’ll want to change something about the way it looks. Whether it’s the color of a button or the size of the text, something about it just won’t be exactly the way you want it. You’re hard to please. You can’t leave well enough alone. So you roll up your sleeves and get to fixing something that isn’t broken.

But hold on, big guy. Before you go slapping a coat of neon green paint on your brand new Mercedes, step back a minute and think about what you’re doing. If you don’t do the job properly, that lovely shade of green will come right off the first time you visit A1 Car Wash, and you’ll have to do it all over again.

If you customize your theme files directly, you’ll lose your changes when installing updates in the future. So what do you do? You make your customizations in a child theme. What’s a child theme?

“A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits design and functionality from its parent theme. Child themes allow you to change certain design elements or features of your site without changing the parent theme directly.”

All jokes aside, we know that child themes can be a little confusing if you’re not familiar with them. We are frequently asked about ways to tweak our themes, and have explained how to create child themes many times. The hardest part of getting started with a child theme is often getting the right files in right place with the right stuff inside.

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve put together a set of ready-made child themes for all of our themes. So, if you’re the kind of person that likes to tweak your site to perfection, head on over to the child theme article in the knowledge base and start breaking things!

Published by John Parris

Craftsman and code wrangler. Constantly trying to make things easier for you. Enjoys cold-brewed coffee and the great outdoors.

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