Refresh your images with the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin

One of the handiest plugins we’ve come across over the years is Regenerate Thumbnails. If you haven’t heard of this plugin yet (which is hard to believe with over 1 million installs), this plugin runs through your media library and refreshes your images based on your thumbnail settings in Settings > Media, as well as crop sizes defined by your current theme. This is really helpful for a number of instances.

If you’ve recently switched your WordPress theme, you might notice your images look a little funky. Maybe they aren’t the right dimensions, or maybe they just don’t match the images in the demo you previewed. This is because your site is likely showing images that were cropped to fit the previous theme, not the new one. The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin is a great place to start with this common issue. By running the plugin, it will go through your media library and create thumbnails based on the various crop sizes you have defined. This should kick your images into place and get something closer to what you expected.


You can download the plugin on the page, or you can add it to your site via Plugins > Add New. Once installed and activated, go to Tools > Regen. Thumbnails and click the Regenerate All Thumbnails button to run the plugin. It will take a few minutes to run through your library and when it’s done, you can jump over to the front-end of your site and check out the results.

Published by Mike McAlister

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  1. The problem with using these type of plugin, again and again, is that the plugins generate new image sizes but the old thumbnails are kept as they are, and with time number of such images increases.

  2. Another problem when changing themes, or setting up a site with a theme one hasn’t used previously, is figuring out the proper image sizes. It would help a lot if theme shops made it a standard to publish optimal image sizes and/or content widths for their templates (at different break points) in their help files, for header and featured images, full width and thumbnail sizes, at least as used in demo version. Would save us end users some precious time : )

    (I realize this is an old post but do think the comment is valid nevertheless)


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