I judge the quality of the theme by the number of custom CSS additions we must make. This is a good yardstick I believe and, Array Themes win by a mile. There just isn’t any comparison. Nice job once again!

Marcus Tibesar

Sierra Websites

@ArrayHQ Very excited about your themes! Stayed up until 4am customizing because it looked so pretty… 🙂

Lillie Marshall

Travel Blogger

Among all the WordPress themes I’ve ever used I can undoubtedly say that @ArrayHQ is the best well coded themes I’ve ever used. Great stuff.

Saumya Majumder

Web Developer

Just bought the 1 yr from @ArrayHQ. Looking through the code = mind blown. Such beautiful work from @mikemcalister.

James Romanowski

Web Developer

Holy amazing design asset Batman! Check out Editor WordPress Theme by @ArrayHQ.

Areti Vassou

Web & Graphic Design

If you have a WordPress website and need a great, professional looking theme then you should check out @ArrayHQ. Great features and design.

James Poling

Freelance Writer

New documentary photography website — thadpope.com. Thanks to @ArrayHQ for the beautifully designed #wordpress theme, Candid.

Thad Pope

Documentary Photographer

I’m kind of obsessed with @ArrayHQ’s #wordpress themes right now.

Emily Ann Roy

Suburban Homesteader

Big thanks to @ArrayHQ #WordPress themes for their tireless hard work, fast responses, and great support during 2015.

Dylan Robertson

Yoga Teacher

Renewed a theme license and purchase a new theme from @arrayhq today. I’ve been a happy customer of their themes for years.

Daniel Espinoza

WooCommerce Expert

Thanks @ArrayHQ for creating an easy to use/manipulate and effectively simple @WordPress site. The response has been great.

Schuyler Crawford

Graphic Designer

BTW @ArrayHQ’s theme on boarding process is ACE. I’d recommend buying it just to learn from it.

Nick Haskins

Lead Developer

Pleasantly surprised that @ArrayHQ have some of the cleanest / organised code that I’ve come across in a #WordPress theme!

James Morrison

Senior Developer

Just bought a theme from @ArrayHQ for a friend’s side project. Those themes from @mikemcalister are good looking and well written.

Chris Lema

Industry Leader & Storyteller

Gotta say @ArrayHQ are pushing out some pretty fantastic #wordpress themes! If you’re looking to overhaul your site, it may be worth a look!

Jerry Lane


@ArrayHQ You have no idea how inspiring your theme designs are. Thank you 🙂

Calvin Koepke

Frontend Designer

So many awful WordPress themes out there… Love it when I find some outstanding ones like @ArrayHQ. Simply beautiful.

Dustin Hansen

Artist & Writer

The customer experience (dashboard, support, post install, etc.) with @ArrayHQ is fantastic. I can only hope to get close with @_sproutapps.

Dan Cameron

Sprout Apps

So happy to see my friends starting blogs and using the free @ArrayHQ theme, Editor, to start their journey.

Jacob Miller

Visual Problem Solver

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