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Use Fixed as a personal blog or a minimal portfolio to share your latest articles, photo galleries and videos.

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    Latest Updates

    Latest Updates

    3.3.4 - 12/14/15

    • Added fix for print styles.
    • Files modified: style.css, readme.txt, index.php, format-standard.php, format-quote.php, format-gallery.php

    3.3.3 - 04/23/15

    • Added fix for view.js and WooCommerce conflict.

    3.3.2 - 04/16/15

    • Improved Google font loading over https.

    3.3.1 - 03/09/15

    • Updated for the latest Array Toolkit.

    3.3.0 - 11/30/14

    • Added French translation files. Props to Lucas Lemonnier for the translation!

    3.2.9 - 11/24/14

    • Updated language files.

    3.2.8 - 9/5/14

    • Improved styling for large monitors.

    3.2.7 - 8/28/14

    • Fixed a problem with dropdown menus not working in the Firefox web browser.

    3.2.6 - 8/25/14

    • Modified header mobile behavior. Logo is now shown at the top of the page, widgets moved below posts.

    3.2.5 - 8/18/14

    • New header and sidebar layout! Based on your feedback, we've reworked a few elements of Fixed to be more flexible with widgets and menus. The main menu now sits along the top of the page. The sidebar is no longer fixed, and you can add as many widgets as you'd like.
    • Cleaned up spacing and formatting in several files.
    • Cleaned up and improved mobile and tablet styles.

    3.2.4 - 7/17/14

    • Improved the look of lists with nested categories on the archive page template.

    3.2.3 - 5/30/14

    • Changes to the Latest Updates screen.
    • Removed changelog.txt and moved change log information to readme.txt
    • Minor housekeeping.
    • Modified - style.css, readme.txt, inc/admin/getting-started/getting-started.php, inc/admin/getting-started/getting-started.css

    3.2.2 - 4/28/14

    • Modified form styles to be more generic for use with other plugins.
    • Modified - 404.php, changelog.txt, style.css

    3.2.1 - 4/21/14

    • Fixed issues in the Getting Started page and theme updates when using child themes.
    • Modified - changelog.txt, style.css, includes/admin/getting-started/getting-started.php

    3.2 - 4/9/14

    • Added style fixes for new social icons.

    3.1 - 4/1/14

    • Fixed bug in customizer preview

    3.0 - 3/24/14

    • Updated for Array.
    • Added Getting Started page.
    • Added support for Array Toolkit.
    • Updated Font Awesome.

    2.3 – 2/12/14

    • Added lightbox to gallery images.
    • Added fix for responsive video in content area.
    • Light file cleanup.
    • Modified - index.php, style.css, changelog.txt, functions.php, includes/js/custom/custom.js, includes/js/view/view.min.js, includes/updates/EDD_SL_Setup.php

    2.2 – 1/14/14

    • Added highlight styles back.
    • Removed depreciated notice.

    2.1 – 9/30/13

    • Minor stylesheet cleanup.

    2.0 – 9/18/13

    • Fixed auto update bug that broke stylesheets. Note: If updating via the dashboard breaks your theme, you will have to download this update manually via your ThemeForest account. Grab the latest files (v2.0) and replace your current version. Auto updates should be fine going forward.

    1.9 – 9/12/13

    • Added in-dash theme updates. Starting from version 1.9, whenever an update is available for Fixed, you will see a notice on the Themes page of your WordPress dashboard. You can preview the changes and update right within your dashboard. Be advised, updating your theme will overwrite any changes you've made to the theme's code.
    • Updated fitvid.js video script. Fixed now supports new format embed code from YouTube and Vimeo.
    • Modified title and body fonts to be bigger and more readable.
    • Cleaned up functions.php, just to be tidy.

    1.8 – 8/29/13

    • Added fix for Android browser background image issue.
    • Removed duplicate Customize link from Appearance menu.
    • Adjusted mobile sidebar styles.
    • Modified files: functions.php, header.php, custom.js, media-queries.css, style.css.

    1.7 – 6/30/13

    • Added gallery function to infinite scroll callback in custom.js. Galleries will now work properly after being loaded via infinite scroll.

    1.6 – 4/12/13

    • Updated Contact Form 7 email input styles.

    1.5 – 2/20/13

    • Added fix for the date overlapping the titles. Changed the date format to numeric and modified the padding on the title a bit.
    • Removed date from meta area under post. The date was already by the title, so it was unnecessary. This also fixed the stacking bug for the meta list items on certain resolution screens.

    1.4 – 2/17/13

    • Added Custom CSS box to Customizer.

    1.3 – 1/19/13

    • Added support for custom galleries for WordPress 3.5 with the Okay Toolkit Plugin. Please see the latest help file (http://array.is/articles/fixed/) for information regarding the new galleries.
    • Updated help file with instructions for galleries.
    • Added notice for Okay Toolkit plugin installation.

    1.2 – 1/18/13

    • Fixed highlighting styles in Firefox.

    1.1 – 1/4/13

    • Added fix for custom color backgrounds in the Customizer.
    • General file cleanup.

    1.0 – 11/24/12

    • Initial release.
  • Resources
    Help File & Support

Scales To All of Your Devices

Fixed is responsive, all the way down to mobile. Images, videos and text will scale down to iPad, iPhone and all devices in-between. Fixed looks great on all devices!

Customize Fixed

Customize Fixed in real time with WordPress’s new Theme Customizer! Change your background image, site title, accent color, upload a logo and more, all with a live preview.

Post Format Support

Fixed makes it super easy for you to share mixed media on your posts and pages. Fixed supports the standard, quote, status, video, and gallery post formats. Just plug in your content!

Custom Galleries

Utilizing WordPress’s new Media Manager and the Array Toolkit, you can now add custom galleries to your posts and pages. Add, remove and arrange your image galleries with ease.

Theme Support

Theme support and documentation is available for all customers. Simply sign in to your account and visit the Support tab in your Dashboard to view discussions or post a new question.

Array Toolkit Plugin

The Array Toolkit provides your theme with Portfolio Items, Slider Items, custom galleries and custom widgets. Install it for free from the WordPress.org repository!

Theme Highlights
  • Clean, Responsive Design
  • Valid HTML5 Code
  • Infinite Scroll Option
  • Image, Video, Gallery, Quote & Note Post Formats
  • Ready For Translation
  • Theme Customizer Support
  • Contact Form

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