We recently changed our domain name!

Today we wanted to drop a note to mention we’ve switched our domain name from array.is to arraythemes.com.

When we launched Array last year, we opted to go with a unique .is domain name. I really wanted a short, neat domain to match the aesthetic and UX of the Array site. Unfortunately, these days every single short domain name is spoken for, and the price of acquiring a short domain can be astronomical. Alternatively, you can go with one of the non-standard .com TLD’s (top-level domains) like .co, .us, or .io. There are many neat generic TLD’s to choose from these days. In the past few years, some really slick domains like .design, .camera and .photography have been made available. Grab them while you can!

Some countries have their own top-level domain, such as .co for Columbia, .us for United States and .is for Iceland. array.is was one of the few TLD’s available with just the word “array,” so I decided to go with it. I also bought a few other back up domains such as array.li, and also grabbed arraythemes.com in case we needed to fall back to something more standard.

When you start looking into these unique domains, you’ll find there are several limitations to consider. In order to register the array.is domain, I had to find a very particular domain registrar that dealt with .is domain names. Each registrar is different when it comes to which domains they support. Another problem I ran into was .is had very specific requirements that needed to be met before you could even register the domain. The one time I had trouble with the domain, I actually had to call Iceland to get ahold of someone to help me with the issue I was having. Domain settings and language barriers are a recipe for a bad time!

So all in all, the technical side of obtaining and setting up a .is domain was quite a task. I should mention that this is not the case with every TLD or country TLD. Some countries have a more established user base and therefore are less of a hurdle to get working. Generic TLD’s like .me, .info and .biz are super easy to work with.

On top of the technical struggles, we’ve read several times over the past couple years that the .is domain might be hurting our search position or favorability in some instances. Although information regarding the disadvantages of unique domains is scattered and mostly word-of-mouth, we also knew that having a solid, relevant .com domain was the better long-term solution. There are no crazy hoops to jump through, no language barriers, no risk of losing those search results everyone is always talking about.

It looks like we’ve reconnected all of our wires correctly, but let us know if you see anything funny on the site or in your dashboard and we’ll be happy to fix you up!

Published by Mike McAlister

A high-powered mutant of some kind, never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die. I design all the things.


  1. .com is the No 1 way to go when it comes to domains. I hope it didn’t cost you a lot acquiring it.

    • Thanks Makis, we were very lucky that arraythemes.com wasn’t registered when we were looking for domains. 😉

  2. Currently all my projects are targeted within Europe, so bc. all nice .com domains are already taken 🙁 I use .eu for all old projects. In past used some country tld for regional projects.

    Anyway not so long time ago I decided, that whatever name will be available, I will use only .com domains.
    I did not have big issues with .eu or country related tld. but still experienced some troubles with them or at least more complicated things around them.

    How mentioned above, .com is really no. 1 way for domains. Its the easiest for users, probably for google too 🙂
    Also if I pay for some service and domain use something like .io I m not so comfortable with it.

    If site use different tld me as user never remember that 🙂 many times I just type .com automatic … probably I am not alone.

    So good luck, its good move

    • Thanks for sharing, Peter! We’re going to try and measure the effects of the switch and we’ll report anything we find.

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